Software Development

NRC services provide an end-to-end solution for custom Software Development for your website and business.

If you are new in business or your business is perfectly established and you looking for software that can bring the spark in your business.

We offer an extensive range of web designing, digital marketing, mobile applications, Software Development to global clients.

 We are here to provide you the best result by:


The acquirer information and an instrument for watching the techniques to be sought after for programming improvement.It is like manner nuances procedures to be used and approach to manage to be sought after for each development, affiliation, and resources.The Software Development Plan is a broad, composite antique that gathers all information required to manage the errand.It encases different knick-knacks made in the midst of the Inception arrange and is kept up all through the endeavor.


The real collection of building a project begins with the collection of data provided and by the requirements of the clients.

When the product is built up, the phase of usage comes in where the item experiences a pilot concentrate to check whether it’s working legitimately.

Deployment & Maintenance

Software Development and maintenance is an important part of SDLC. After successful development and designing of any software, it is necessary to maintain the systems and updation of software so it can run well. NRC Services provides modification and updating of any software with full support services.

We provide Software Development for Businesses like

School Mis
Restaurant Billing
Hotel Management
Pathology Management
Online Software E-commerce web based
Bar Code Reader
Stock Mangement
Coaching Center Management
Courier Billing Web Based
Laundry Billing
General Trading GST Billing
Pharmacy Billing
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